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Dry Cleaning

If you are in need of fast, reliable, and convenient dry-cleaning, St. Pete Laundry is the right place for you! Our St. Pete Laundry Cleaning Specialists are careful and thorough, ensuring your garments look as good as they ever have. From full suits, to long dresses, we handle every garment with care. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond when servicing your garments. By handling each individual piece with extreme attention to detail. In addition, we perform spot checking for any other imperfections we notice that may not have been caught beforehand. Our goal is to return your garment to you in a quick manner. Additionally, having it look as new as possible.

Along with our dedicated Dry Cleaning Specialists, our state of the art machinery gets your cleaning order done quickly and efficiently. Our spacious establishment contains extremely up to date machinery, which allows us to handle large amounts of various items while staying organized and effective. We understand the value of your time. Which is why we are always determine to provide the highest quality of service in the shortest amount of time possible. With that being said, St. Pete Laundry will never sacrifice the quality of your items for a quick turnaround time. We also offer a competitive price on our Dry Cleaning Services that ensure unbeatable customer service and exceptional quality of work. Let our dedicated, well trained Cleaning Specialists be of service to you today and get your items clean and ready to wear again right away!

For instance, if you would like more information on dry cleaning or any of the other services we provide. Please contact us today by calling 727-685-2461 or stop by our location at  8461 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL. To speak to a Dry Cleaning Specialist.