St. Pete Laundry Premier Services

St. Pete Laundry Company | Laundromat | Wash-Dry-Fold | Dry Cleaning

 Self-Service Laundry

St. Pete Laundry offers self-service laundry from 7am - 12am daily, while providing our clients with a clean, comfortable space. We recommend coming by your first time during attended business hours to setup your swipe-card account.

*Your swipe card account allows you to not have to collect & carry quarters around our St. Petersburg laundromat.*

 Wash - Dry - Fold

Our premier Wash-Dry-Fold service is the highlight of St. Pete Laundry Company. Wash-Dry-Fold allows our clients to easily drop off their dirty laundry, and with our standard next-day service, make a pick-up the following day, presented with clean, folded, & separated laundry.

*Drop Off, Pickup, No Hassle. Perfectly cleaned and folded laundry every time*

Dry Cleaning

Our ultimate goal at St. Pete Laundry is to be our clients one-stop-shop for all laundry, dry cleaning, and laundering needs. We offer a full dry cleaning service, which allows our clients to handle all of their clothing needs in one clean, simple space.

*From Full Suits to Long Dresses, our Dry Cleaning specialist handle every garment with care*

What Makes St. Pete Laundry Different

  • St. Pete Laundry Company | Laundromat | Wash-Dry-Fold | Dry Cleaning

Our Amenities

When building St. Pete Laundry Company, we studied other Tampa Bay area laundromats, as well as found out what our clients' biggest needs were. We believe we have really delivered when it comes to cleanliness, comfort, and space.

Our St. Petersburg laundromat is equipped with 8 large flat screen TV's, 2 fully-stocked vending machines, high-speed free wifi, and plenty of large tables for folding.


In & Out In Under An Hour

St. Pete Laundry brings you the most up to date, state of the art equipment to service our customers in the most efficient way. Our washers & dryers can handle up to 90lbs at one time, resulting in you getting all of your laundry completed in less than an hour.

We currently offer 20, 40, 60, & 90lb washers, with plenty available every day & night, allowing our customers to never feel tight on space or time.